Creating Bloom Culture


So one thing I didn't anticipate, which seems sort of silly now, is people asking me, "So, What IS Bloom Culture?" Every time I'm asked I get so incredibly excited to share this piece of my heart. The word bloom was a given, I just liked it. But that wasn't enough... Bloom... What? Bloom class, Bloom theory, Bloom... nothing seemed to fit until one day at church we talked about culture. We talked about how we create our own culture.

Humans. Create. Culture.
Mind Blown. 

I do realize this isn't brand new information, but it hit me in a different way that day. I talked about it with my husband, let it roll off my tongue. At first it seemed pretentious. Bloom Culture... but then on a two hour drive to Dallas, the more we talked about it, the more it fit. The more I thought about naming a class about creativity, and thinking that I could even create the culture of this class, the more excited I became. { Bloom Culture } 

My heart behind it isn't branding, marketing, or even getting our name out there, which I do realize are all positive things that happen because of it. But my heart is to encourage people to create. So many times I hear, "oh I could never do that." Or, "that's just so beautiful, I'm not that creative." Which are all lies. We are ALL creative, and Bloom Culture is a small outlet for people to learn, create and walk away with a new skill. I could go on for days but I feel like our culture has somehow reserved the term creative for an elite group of people. That everyone is not created creative. There is so much fear of failure when it comes to creativity, we are all afraid to fail, so we wind up not even trying. "The creative act is inherently an act of courage. We are born to far too many fears and far too great a darkness. It is only when we find the courage to create that we are freed from those fears and that darkness." - The Artisan Soul

"It takes courage to not only accept our limitations but embrace our potential" - The Artisan Soul 

Here's to embracing potential in yourself through outlets that are not normally part of your everyday culture.

Dare to explore, to play, to bloom. 

Look at how beautiful they are...