Intention through Expression

We recently received the photos of the work we did at the Flower Wild Workshop Palm Springs. All photos curtesy of : Bryce Covey Photography Ribbon Calligraphy: Feasting

It's amazing to see these images after 6 months. I can't believe how much we've grown and changed and it's amazing to see how this workshop was a huge catalyst for us. It really helped us define a direction and start to hone in on a style that we wanted to represent us.

We also finished a couple of amazing sessions with Shanna Skidmore - an amazing Business Coach and Consultant for creative entrepreneurs. I can't express how much I learned. She helped clearly define our vision and mission. At the heart of Juniper is intention and that is what we want to express through our design. I am really eager to implement procedures, processes, and creativity to achieve the goals we came up with. She's not only a great business coach but I sort of want to move to Georgia and be her best friend. In a completely normal 12-year-old girl crush sort of way... :) 

Our Vision: to create beauty through the PROCESS of creating 

Our Mission: to create beautiful experiences that speak authentically about each client 

I must admit that we are learning to LOVE the process.