Something Blue

To my Darling Wife Alma, 

From your Humbly Grateful Husband Wayne. 

This was the bible my grandfather was given when he served in WWII. He gave it to my grandmother after the war. It’s dated January 1, 1946.

One particularly hard time when I was struggling with being single, I picked up this bible and read over and over the words my grandfather wrote to my grandmother so many years before. It was then that I realized that that type of love was what I wanted and what I would wait for. That I would not wait to have a wedding or even a marriage, but a love that transcends war, distance, time and death. Love is what sustains a marriage and a wedding is a celebration of that. Love is the foundation. 

I never met my grandfather as he passed away before I was born. My darling Grandmother Alma is still with us and she is still every bit in love with my Grandfather now as she was then. She has dementia and alzheimer’s but he is still her clearest memory. 

It seems the art of love isn’t the same as it used to be, but love is not lost… just the way it is expressed has changed. I wish these sentiments were still held in the same regard but regardless of the change in time and culture, this love still exists. If you’ve found it, hold on to it tight and fight for it. If you haven’t yet, be patient, and don’t settle. In my experience this is the type of love worth waiting for.

I used his bible as my something blue in our wedding.