Did you know that Goldfish can grow to 15 inches when released into the wild?

I was once told at my last job that I was too ambitious. It made me feel so small and that my creativity and innovation were never going to be good enough. Sooo I quit that job and started my own business where I could be as ambitious as I wanted. Where no one could stand in the way of my ideas and how to execute them. I fail daily, more than I'd like to admit, but it's my ambition that makes me try new things and that constantly drives me to be better. Today marks the one year anniversary of taking a leap of faith to follow a dream. I'm finally believing in myself and in my own life. How freeing that is...

Imagine what our world could be like if we lived in the freedom of believing in ourselves. What if we knew that the world is bigger than the comfort zone of our fishbowls? Imagine how big we could grow if we lived without the boundaries of self doubt. Never ever underestimate the power of your dreams... Or anyone else's.

Your work will be as good as your ambitions. - Ira Glass

 Photos by the incredibly talented  Ely Fair Photography  

Photos by the incredibly talented Ely Fair Photography