dream big little pig


dream big:: I am closer to thirty than I am to twenty. And I'm okay with it. Actually, I'm better than okay with it. I'm pretty happy about it. You couldn't pay me to go in the reverse direction. I’ll spare you the series of events and details that lead to Juniper. What you need to know is that this info-graphic (my husband showed it to me) changed the course of my life.

it's simple:: Okay it's not simple. Nothing that changes the course of your life is. But the foundation of it is simple. Change something... DO something. I had had enough of being unhappy with where my life was going and feeling helpless about it. That sucked. Honestly, I thought if I changed one small daily task it would help. But day after day ended with the same restlessness and a tiny fire in my heart (most say it's in their belly, but mine was in my heart... still is). I can feel the little burn right now as I type. It's something like excitement mixed with urgency, mixed with that feeling right before you take the plunge on a roller coaster. 

jumping:: It wasn't a clear path... the path to changing something to be happy. I wasn't even sure I was changing the right things. But as things tend to do when they're right... step after step, baby steps sometimes, opportunity blossomed. I took a leap of faith and God met me every step, encouraging me to take another. It's like that Paula Abdul song... you take two steps forward, and two steps back. The song continues down a path not revenant to my point, but you get where I'm going. Point is, you just have to keep going and preserver through the two or two hundred steps back, or up, or down, or sideways along the path. It's not a straight shot. Below is another info-graphic that illustrates my point; it helped me gain perspective on my goals. It made me laugh. 


Happy New Year! Cheers to doing something! 

Posted on December 30, 2013 .